Wrapp in a nutshell

Rewards your purchases
With Wrapp you get rewards when you spend money in thousands of stores. And with rewards we mean cash. Not vouchers or coupons, but real money. To spend on whatever you like.

Connected to your card
By connecting your payment card to Wrapp, the system learns where you spend your money and gives you rewards you'll actually be interested in. And the rewards go straight back to your card.


Brands that reward you

The rewards you receive in our app are from the brands. It is them who want to reward you for being their customer and they understand that this is a great and effortless way for you to get rewarded for who you are.

It's Automatic
With Wrapp, your bank card becomes your "membership card". Every time you use it, Wrapp automatically checks if there's a reward to get, and if so, puts it on your card. No more hassle with points or plastic cards. Ever.

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It's private

If you trust your bank to be secure, you can trust us. Because that's where all essential information is stored. The app only has access to your card details at one single time, and that's when you sync it to the app. When that's done, we don't store any of your personal information. The data we access is limited to your transactions, and it's all anonymous. To us, you're a number, that we can match with relevant rewards. Not that we don't think you're a wonderful person, but we think privacy is important.